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More than meets the eye.

Anyone can be a photographer these days, or can they?

Everyone has a camera on their phones and some people are lucky enough to have a DSLR camera, you can get a great Nikon from just over £300. We all take photographs of our family and friends, so why would you want to pay me to take photographs of your family or your wedding when lots of people think they can do it just as well. 

There is a lot more to photography than just point and shoot. A good photographer can notice the little things and can capture that certain something that you would miss. We know that just a step to the left, right or to go up on our tiptoes can give a much more  superior image. We see colours in different ways and have a better eye for what works well aesthetically. 

Photography is instinctive to me. I'm a creative and artistic person, so I've never struggled to capture a good image. 

There is so much more to photography now than when I first started. Years ago you had to think about every image, as you only has 24 or 36 shots on your film. It had to be thought out and really considered. You couldn't really do much to it in the processing, you could make it a bit lighter or crop it. Unlike now with Photoshop where you can change a image from a cloudy morning to a dusky sunset. You can alter the colour of a dress someone is wearing and if you don't like the foreground you can change it!

I find myself a bit of a purist in regards to my photographs. I will do what I did 25 years ago I'll lighten, darken or crop but otherwise I like the image to stand alone without having to play with it too much. I have to admit that I do love being able to take lots and lots of photographs. In my opinion you can't have too many flower or sheep pictures. 

Here are some photographs I took in a beautiful wildflower field...or is it? As you can see the last photographs shows where it really is and what is going on behind the lens. I can make things look differently than they may appear. That is why you pay for a photographer.