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Forever Autumn

I was very fortunate in November to photograph these lovely sisters and their families. I had photographed one of the families before and I always have the most fun with them. This shoot was to be the same jolly, happy, easy going and, as always, with fabulous outfit changes.

The photographs took place at the local Priory ruins in Lewes, (my favourite place). The seasons really change the place. There are so many colours the orange, red and yellow leaves contrasting against the gorgeous greys and whites of the flint and stones and so many textures in the ruined buildings. It is particularly beautiful in Autumn, there are so many different colour leaves, it is just stunning. We were fortunate to have had dry weather, so the children could sit on leaves without any fear of getting wet. A couple of days after the weather turned very windy so most of the leaves had blown off the branches.

I constantly wonder if I did the right thing by leaving my secure office job to follow this path, being self employed is difficult, especially if you’re like me a, ‘Cautious Carol’ that never that never leaves my comfort zone, but when I have experiences like this shoot and I create such beautiful photographs, that my clients love, it makes me very happy and pleased I made the scary move.

The Fantastic Foxes

We recently had a photo competition, where you could win an one hour portrait session. The family who won were, the Foxes.

We were going to have the photographs at Priory Ruins but the rain was torrential, luckily enough there is a tunnel in the same area, so we had some photographs in there, it was quite serendipitous, as the look of the graffiti in the tunnel really suited the family. The children of the family were adults so a more mature background was better.

They were great sports and happy to venture out in to the rain, I had my many different umbrellas with me, so no one was going to get wet, of course the rainbow umbrellas are always the favourite.

It was unusual to photograph such a mature family, I am so used to doing little children’s portraits. The family said that they felt awkward at first, because it’s not every day you have a professional photographer taking your picture, but they very quickly got used to me and my camera and they actually quite enjoyed it.

The most important part of being a photographer to me is to make your clients feel comfortable and happy. If the clients are relaxed then the photographs will turn out so much better, as everyone will act more like themselves and the end result will represent how the family and the individuals really are.

Lovely Liv - who's legs were too long!

I always love doing location shoots around Lewes. The first reason is it's home and the second there are so many beautiful and interesting places to photograph in Lewes. I especially love the Priory ruins. I have photographed a few people and families there now and I feel it looks different in every shoot. I has a personality of it's own. I especially love the colour and textures of the flint walls. I'm a huge fan of soft whites and greys. 

I had a fun time photographing Liv. She did complain that she didn't know what to do with her long legs ( I wish I had that problem) We managed to fit them in the archway. I always enjoy the enthusiasm and energy of teenage shoots. They are always up for a bit of silliness and some good posing. Who doesn't want a great photograph for their Instagram of Facebook profile picture?

Shoots are £75 for and hour shoot and unlimited images on a USB. 

Yoga retreat - March 2018

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a rather snowy yoga retreat hosted by Louise and BimsWinter - Personal Training, held locally to me in Barcombe. 
I don't think I could recommend highly enough how amazing everything was, and I wasn't even taking part! I felt calmer just from being there. I was lucky enough to share a delicious brunch with all the (very flexible) ladies. They are actually hosting a yoga retreat in Ibiza this October. I'd love to take photgraphs of that one too. 

The ladies were brilliant and didn't mind me taking photographs of them doing their sun salutations. They actually said that they didn't notice me and wasn't aware I was taking photographs. I do try to be respectful to whomever I am shooting and take their needs into account. I feel as a photographer you should always make those around you, that you are photographing feel at ease and comfortable. You will get your best photographs that way. 

Over the Rainbow...

I did a lovely shoot recently at my local gardens, they are always stunning and attract plenty of visitors. I think I'm so lucky to have some where so beautiful, so close to me. 

Unfortunately the weather decided it wasn't going to be kind and it rained, but I was so fortunate that the family I was photographing were ready for the rain and just enjoyed the shoot. We got out the rainbow umbrellas and jumped in puddles. It was a full on, fun hour. I think the adorable little girl I was photographing had a great time also. We tried to make it more of an adventure than a starchy, boring photo shoot.

That's why I choose location shooting, over a studio, you get more of a natural response and there isn't the pressure on the child/children to be on their best behaviour and smile for an hour. I always try to capture the real child, not the fake one that puts on a show for the camera. I have heard from some clients that in previous shoots they had in a studio the children have been very unhappy with the pressure of it all and they have cried the whole time. 

The responses I have had is that the children have had lots of fun and viewed it as a morning/afternoon out, with a lady taking some photos, rather than an official photo shoot. The results have all been positive, they parents feel I have really captured the essence of their child/children. 


A prize through the post!

I received a lovely prize of a photographic book about how to take the best night time photography this morning, this was for coming second in The Lewes Light Festival 2017 photo competition, and how appropriate it was as it's world book day. 
The photograph was of my gorgeous niece Emily taking a photograph of one of the installations. I was also shortlisted for a photograph of the fantastic rainbow installation. Happy dance💃

National Trust Photograph competition

As a National Trust member my family and I have visited so many lovely place in Sussex and also in Yorkshire, when we were on holiday. 

One of the places was Petworth House in West Sussex. Petworth was the reason I actually got the membership. After watching it on Landscape artist of the year as a place that Turner would go to paint. I had to visit it. 

As a photographer I'm sure you can imagine that I take my camera everywhere. I am know as the 'official family photographer'. I took many photographs of the beautiful deer and the house. Whilst stopping for a well needed tea and cake ( it would be rude not to) I noticed they were running a photograph competition. The title was Mixed Emotions. How did Petworth make you feel? 

I entered a couple of photographs that I thought conveyed how I was feeling at the time. I didn't enter any of my deer photographs, they were good photographs but they did not really express how I felt about Petworth.  One was of my daughter looking at the grand staircase and admiring the 'Pandora's box' art work. The other one was of the servants tunnels, which run between the kitchen and the house. The tunnel photograph was the one that was chosen. I called it Hidden Depths, as it was underground but also it showed a hidden side to life there many years ago. 

A couple of months later I found out I was a finalist and invited to see my work at an exhibition they were doing of all the final pieces. 

Unfortunately I didn't win but it is an honour to be in the footsteps of Turner and have a piece of my work on show at Petworth.