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National Trust Photograph competition

As a National Trust member my family and I have visited so many lovely place in Sussex and also in Yorkshire, when we were on holiday. 

One of the places was Petworth House in West Sussex. Petworth was the reason I actually got the membership. After watching it on Landscape artist of the year as a place that Turner would go to paint. I had to visit it. 

As a photographer I'm sure you can imagine that I take my camera everywhere. I am know as the 'official family photographer'. I took many photographs of the beautiful deer and the house. Whilst stopping for a well needed tea and cake ( it would be rude not to) I noticed they were running a photograph competition. The title was Mixed Emotions. How did Petworth make you feel? 

I entered a couple of photographs that I thought conveyed how I was feeling at the time. I didn't enter any of my deer photographs, they were good photographs but they did not really express how I felt about Petworth.  One was of my daughter looking at the grand staircase and admiring the 'Pandora's box' art work. The other one was of the servants tunnels, which run between the kitchen and the house. The tunnel photograph was the one that was chosen. I called it Hidden Depths, as it was underground but also it showed a hidden side to life there many years ago. 

A couple of months later I found out I was a finalist and invited to see my work at an exhibition they were doing of all the final pieces. 

Unfortunately I didn't win but it is an honour to be in the footsteps of Turner and have a piece of my work on show at Petworth.