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Photo of the Month

I’m very excited as my photograph was picked as Viva Lewes ‘Photo of the Month’. It’s always lovely to have people appreciate your work. The called it 'Robin in the Hood'.
Viva Lewes is a local free magazine that has been running for years. It has food reviews, information of what's going in the pubs and clubs in addition the front cover is always designed by a local artist. So it's always a compliment to be chosen as Photo of the Month. I have won a couple of times and been shortlisted a few more.  

So now all I need to do is to decide what t do with my £20 winnings. 

The Boy with the Rainbow Umbrella.

There are lots of things that I love about my job, but the family portrait shoot I undertook on Saturday combined two of my favourites.  

I got to visit the the beautiful setting of Sheffield Park near Fletching in East Sussex. Then In addition I was lucky enough to photograph the most wonderful and delightful children, Harry and Jess.

I adore children and I think you get so much when photographing them. They are so honest and show you their real face, nothing is ever posed or contrived. I feel that is why I prefer non-studio photography. Anything can happen when you're outside, whether it's the changing weather or just passing wildlife. 

We had a hijacker in the form of a sausage stealing duck on Saturday, which made for some hilarious photographs. 

Leaving my previous career that I had been in for fifteen years and starting my own business has been difficult at times. You often wonder if you are completely crazy and if you are doing the right thing, but being out with Harry, Jess and their parents on Saturday and seeing the results has made me think that I'm made the correct decision. 

The cutest photograph I've ever taken!

Last week I took photographs for one of our customers, The Rolling Downs.  They own the ultimate in 'glamping' shepherds huts that are housed at a place called Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum near Lewes in Sussex. 

The customer wanted me to take photographs of all that Bentley had to offer. Included in these is a motor museum, play park, cafe and train. In addition there are also wildfowl ponds. 

I have to say they were the most nonchalant birds I had encountered. They even stopped to pose for photographs instead of run dream! 

Amongst the bevy of birds was the cutest little Bar Headed gosling. It walk slowly passed me and even stopped, whist I was snapping, to pose for this shot. I have to say, It is one of my favourites I've ever taken. 

It's one of the things I love about photography, is that you never know whats going to happen and what photographs you will come away with.