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Lovely Liv - who's legs were too long!

I always love doing location shoots around Lewes. The first reason is it's home and the second there are so many beautiful and interesting places to photograph in Lewes. I especially love the Priory ruins. I have photographed a few people and families there now and I feel it looks different in every shoot. I has a personality of it's own. I especially love the colour and textures of the flint walls. I'm a huge fan of soft whites and greys. 

I had a fun time photographing Liv. She did complain that she didn't know what to do with her long legs ( I wish I had that problem) We managed to fit them in the archway. I always enjoy the enthusiasm and energy of teenage shoots. They are always up for a bit of silliness and some good posing. Who doesn't want a great photograph for their Instagram of Facebook profile picture?

Shoots are £75 for and hour shoot and unlimited images on a USB. 


It's always nice to have your work appreciated and yesterday a photograph of my daughter I took whilst on holiday in Amsterdam was regrammed by the hotel in which we stayed, the Max Brown Hotel. 

If you don't know what regramming is, it is the act of reposting on Instagram. It involves you using someones else's original post, and then reposting it using the hashtag #regram, but making sure you always acknowledge the source of the original Instagram post.

The story behind the photograph is the previous day my daughter had finished her GCSE's. She had worked constantly for months and had put the rest of her teenage life on hold, so no socialising. This photograph was taken as we had just arrived. She threw herself on this big comfy bed in a form of release and freedom. She could finally enjoy her summer.