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Viva Lewes - Photo of the Month

I was very excited as my photograph was picked as Viva Lewes ‘Photo of the Month’ for April’s edition. It’s always lovely to have people appreciate your work. They called it ‘Looking Back’. This refers to the fact that whenever I take my camera out when I walk, I always make sure that I look back because I could be missing a great photograph, but from a different angle. Which is exactly what happened with this photograph.

Something very special and happened after I won. I was contacted via Viva by someone who’s friend had had the bench put there in memorial for her husband, she was also very poorly and her friend wanted to give her the photograph, as a reminder, to help her feel better. I of course obliged and had one printed, I was so touched that I did it for no charge. It was my pleasure to do something special for someone who was having a difficult time.

It’s a very special feeling to think that something you have created will mean so much to someone else and give someone happiness.

The Fantastic Foxes

We recently had a photo competition, where you could win an one hour portrait session. The family who won were, the Foxes.

We were going to have the photographs at Priory Ruins but the rain was torrential, luckily enough there is a tunnel in the same area, so we had some photographs in there, it was quite serendipitous, as the look of the graffiti in the tunnel really suited the family. The children of the family were adults so a more mature background was better.

They were great sports and happy to venture out in to the rain, I had my many different umbrellas with me, so no one was going to get wet, of course the rainbow umbrellas are always the favourite.

It was unusual to photograph such a mature family, I am so used to doing little children’s portraits. The family said that they felt awkward at first, because it’s not every day you have a professional photographer taking your picture, but they very quickly got used to me and my camera and they actually quite enjoyed it.

The most important part of being a photographer to me is to make your clients feel comfortable and happy. If the clients are relaxed then the photographs will turn out so much better, as everyone will act more like themselves and the end result will represent how the family and the individuals really are.

A prize through the post!

I received a lovely prize of a photographic book about how to take the best night time photography this morning, this was for coming second in The Lewes Light Festival 2017 photo competition, and how appropriate it was as it's world book day. 
The photograph was of my gorgeous niece Emily taking a photograph of one of the installations. I was also shortlisted for a photograph of the fantastic rainbow installation. Happy dance💃

Photo of the Month

I’m very excited as my photograph was picked as Viva Lewes ‘Photo of the Month’. It’s always lovely to have people appreciate your work. The called it 'Robin in the Hood'.
Viva Lewes is a local free magazine that has been running for years. It has food reviews, information of what's going in the pubs and clubs in addition the front cover is always designed by a local artist. So it's always a compliment to be chosen as Photo of the Month. I have won a couple of times and been shortlisted a few more.  

So now all I need to do is to decide what t do with my £20 winnings. 

National Trust Photograph competition

As a National Trust member my family and I have visited so many lovely place in Sussex and also in Yorkshire, when we were on holiday. 

One of the places was Petworth House in West Sussex. Petworth was the reason I actually got the membership. After watching it on Landscape artist of the year as a place that Turner would go to paint. I had to visit it. 

As a photographer I'm sure you can imagine that I take my camera everywhere. I am know as the 'official family photographer'. I took many photographs of the beautiful deer and the house. Whilst stopping for a well needed tea and cake ( it would be rude not to) I noticed they were running a photograph competition. The title was Mixed Emotions. How did Petworth make you feel? 

I entered a couple of photographs that I thought conveyed how I was feeling at the time. I didn't enter any of my deer photographs, they were good photographs but they did not really express how I felt about Petworth.  One was of my daughter looking at the grand staircase and admiring the 'Pandora's box' art work. The other one was of the servants tunnels, which run between the kitchen and the house. The tunnel photograph was the one that was chosen. I called it Hidden Depths, as it was underground but also it showed a hidden side to life there many years ago. 

A couple of months later I found out I was a finalist and invited to see my work at an exhibition they were doing of all the final pieces. 

Unfortunately I didn't win but it is an honour to be in the footsteps of Turner and have a piece of my work on show at Petworth.