Anne of Cleves House

A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege of being asked to photograph Anne of Cleves House. It's a beautiful 15th century timber framed house in Lewes. It was gifted to Queen Anne as part of her settlement from her divorce to Henry Viii. 

Sussex Past Weddings asked us to photograph it how it would look dressed for a wedding. The other places Sussex past Weddings manage are Lewes Castle and Michelham Priory. I think getting married in any of those venues would be wonderful, especially if you love your medieval history. I always find it fascinating that you are walking in the footsteps of people that were there hundreds of years before us and I'm sure theses buildings will be there for hundreds of years more.
It is such a stunning house that I love since I was a child and I have visited there many times. It has quite low ceilings that used t be a problem for my very tall brother. 

It was a beautiful place to photograph with stunning displays of flowers everywhere, the only problem was the uneven floor, windows and the many timber beams, because it was hard to know which one was the straight line.