Yoga retreat - March 2018

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a rather snowy yoga retreat hosted by Louise and BimsWinter - Personal Training, held locally to me in Barcombe. 
I don't think I could recommend highly enough how amazing everything was, and I wasn't even taking part! I felt calmer just from being there. I was lucky enough to share a delicious brunch with all the (very flexible) ladies. They are actually hosting a yoga retreat in Ibiza this October. I'd love to take photgraphs of that one too. 

The ladies were brilliant and didn't mind me taking photographs of them doing their sun salutations. They actually said that they didn't notice me and wasn't aware I was taking photographs. I do try to be respectful to whomever I am shooting and take their needs into account. I feel as a photographer you should always make those around you, that you are photographing feel at ease and comfortable. You will get your best photographs that way.