Wedding Dress Delight

I can't believe it's been so long since I last wrote my last blog. It has been a busy Summer and nobody wants to sit in front of a screen when it's glorious weather outside. 

I couldn't wait to blog about our most recent bridal photo shoot. It was in conjunction with a wedding dress maker called Jennie West, bridal hairdresser Jennifer Graves and the location was the gorgeous Lewes Castle. 

Louise and I were so lucky as we had full "reign" over the castle an hour before it opened. The weather had held off, as it had been rainy the previous couple of days. Jennie handmade dresses were spectacular the models (my daughter Harriet and her friend Liv) were so excited to play bride and try them on. We also were joined by Mary who was going to model her own wedding dress that Jennie had made. 

Jennifer had curled Harriet's hair and put a veil on and we were off, climbing the hundred or so steps to the top of the castle. 

The castle has stunning views over Lewes and of the South Downs, as with all castles they're at the highest point. We had such fun photographing gorgeous girls in beautiful dresses and in the most amazing location. We were so grateful to weddings at Sussex Past for letting us use it. 

The girls got to wear a couple of Jennie's stunning creations and get their hair done. They were great because as soon as the castle opened there were lots of visitors, especially foreign students. They attracted quite a crowd, some thought it was their actual wedding day!

We took so many images, it was hard to choose our favourites. I hope you like a glimpse of our work and it shows you how much we enjoyed our day and working with so many lovely people.